Air Resources holds the core value and operating principal that safety is not an inhibitor of business, but instead is a direct supporter of mission accomplishment and business success. Because of this, we are dedicated to the utilization of our Safety Management System (SMS).

SMS is a relatively new approach to aviation safety that is quickly becoming the most sought after method. Its principal purpose is to identify risk and systematically manage that risk. This is an advancement from previous ideologies that merely complied with a set of safety requirements and rules.

Traditionally safety and accident prevention methods have been reactionary, waiting for events or accidents to take place before initiating and investigation and determining the cause. At ARHI, we are not waiting, we aim to be proactive and predictive, seeking out problems before they become problems.

We are committed to developing and continuously improving the quality and safety of our operations through the information gathered from our safety systems. Every person involved with ARHI is encouraged and supported to participate in the safety of our operations. Input from everyone is always appreciated and considered to be the benefit of the company and the customers.

At ARHI we foster an environment of trust, honesty and just culture. We will never use anyone’s reporting to initiate disciplinary action against an employee or customer who discloses, in good faith, a hazard or occurrence involving safety, which is the result of an inadvertent, unintentional or non-deliberate conduct.